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Cozy Area Rugs for Your Home Design

Area rugs provide many benefits in homes with hard surface floors. Whether you have original hardwood floors or gorgeous luxury vinyl, add beauty and personalize your space with our incredible selection of area rugs. Get top rug ideas for your home from our experts at Annapolis Carpet Flooring America in Annapolis, Maryland.

Our showroom has an extensive catalog of area rugs from some of the top manufacturers in the industry. Area rugs come in various luxurious natural and synthetic fibers, including wool, polyester, and cotton, and are a versatile accent piece for any space or hallway. Layer them on top of hardwood to instantly improve your floor's aesthetic and give your home a distinct feel.


The Many Benefits of Area Rugs

After investing in new floors, many might wonder why should you buy an area rug? The truth of the matter is that area rugs have numerous benefits, including:
  • Protecting your new floors
  • Added cushioning and comfort to any home or commercial space
  • Muffles foot traffic and absorbs sound to create a quieter environment.
  • Traps dust, pollen, and other potential allergy-causing particles to promote a cleaner space
  • Covers floor marks or blemishes
  • Easy maintenance

For those who have older, worn-out floors or permanent stains and markings, area rugs give you the advantage of covering up these blemishes to create a flawless space. Our rugs come in a wide array of patterns, designs, fibers, and blends, so you're bound to find an area rug to fit your home design needs.

Only requiring simple maintenance like shaking out and yearly cleaning, area rugs make great additions to busy households. To keep your area rug in pristine condition, consult your rug's warranty for complete care and cleaning guidelines.


Area Rug Binding With Professionals

We offer professional area rug binding here at Annapolis Carpet Flooring America, so you can rest assured knowing that your area rug will remain in place for years down the road. General rug pads minimize the movement of your floor rug, while premium rug pads can hold rugs in place and protect your floor's from scratches.

Our team of experts comes equipped with the best tools and resources required for binding area rugs. Their combined knowledge of binding tape and staples will ensure a quick and efficient binding process so you can begin living on your area rugs in no time.

Exclusive Area Rug Selection

Thanks to our affiliation with Flooring America, we have access to the best manufacturers of area rugs in the industry, including Karastan, Nourison, Couristan, Kaleen, and many more. Our floor rugs feature soft fibers from natural wool to silky cotton to cozy nylon. Our collection of beautiful area rugs will create a relaxing and grounded atmosphere for any home or office.

Complete your home design with unique, quality area rugs from Annapolis Carpet Flooring America by contacting our flooring specialists today.

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